About Perennial Goddess

Welcome to the Perennial Goddess Website

The umbrella site Perennial Goddess encompasses my passions and encourages others to join in the fun: Creativity, Healing with Herbs, Goddess Healing and Energy, and Enjoying Nature in its many forms.

Whether it’s writing a blog post or my book, creating an art journal, growing plants for their ornamental/culinary values, or planting herbs for their medicinal properties, everything I do on a daily basis has to do with honouring the many gifts of Great Goddess.

For the multiple aspects of life, I’ve created a site/blog for you to participate and enjoy reading. Simply go to whatever calls you and welcome to our Creative Community!

Herbs and their Healing Ways: Herbal Phytotherapy

Chaga Mushroom Products: Acadian Forest Chaga

Writings on Feminine Spirituality: Perennial Writings

Living the Optimal Creative, Introspective Life: Creative Goddess

My personal space online: Raymonde Savoie

Please enjoy these offerings and many Blessings!

Raymonde Savoie