Goddess Hera January Is The ‘Origin of All Things’

January Goddess Study  ~ Hera Is The ‘Origin of All Things’

Hera’s message is one of hope, transformation and new beginnings.

This month we explore the world of Hera the Oracular Goddess of regeneration, snakes, apples and the divination arts.

Greetings of the New Year!

…it’s important to remember who the Goddess was BEFORE she was silenced and transformed into patriarchally-acceptable parodies of the ancient Powerful Ones whom she embodied in myth and in the everyday life of the peoples who worshipped her.

Each month Dream Goddess brings you one Pre-Hellenic Goddess to connect and commune with, and whose herstory and correspondences we will study. This page will stay online for one whole month until the earth turns and the next month arrives, at which time a new Goddess will appear for our connection and study.

In December Gaia gives and loves and goes through her cycle of Darkness turning into Light again with the Solstice. Now in January, it’s Hera’s turn… Hera and her associations teach us about New Beginnings, Divination and the Unconscious Link from our Active Imagination, card readings and, of course, our dreams.

How appropriate that she, the Goddess of “the origin of all things” and of the seasons, appears now when the intensity of the recent holidays has waned to a standstill and we are left with the nullifying of our aspirations and expectations.

She calls us near her hearth and tells us stories of other worlds. She cajoles us into listening deep, deeper still to what our own soul is telling us. And, most importantly, she shows us through healing and nature that Regeneration is not only possible, but inevitable, with the cyclic turning of the Earth, our Mother.

Goddess Hera is the “Origin of All Things”…

Who Is the Goddess Hera?

“Hera is essentially the Goddess of women and fecundity” quotes Charlene Spretnak in her book Lost Goddesses of Early Greece. “Her connection with the three seasons of antiquity corresponds to the three stages of a woman’s life (maiden, fertile woman, elder). In addition, she is connected to the three stages of the moon…”

She bathed in the well-known spring of Kanathes at the beginning of each year to renew herself. This is, Gimbutas points out, an allegory of how a snake sheds its skin on a yearly basis. Thus, she is related to snakes, sacred springs, pastures, cows and to the Goddess Brigit, who was also associated with cattle and is celebrated on February 1st at the feast of Imbolc.

Hera As Snake & Divination Goddess

Gimbutas on the symbology of the snake associated with Hera:

“The beautiful Hera, one of the most revered of the Greek Goddesses, is the likely descendant of the prehistoric Snake Goddess. She was called ‘origin of all things’… Her name is cognate with Ho-ra, ‘season.’ The snake was something primordial and mysterious, coming from the depths of the waters where life begins. Its seasonal renewal in sloughing off its old skin and hibernating made it a symbol of the continuity of life and of the link with the underworld.

The symbolic awakening of hibernating snakes took place around February 1. In Scotland a serpent is supposed to emerge from the hills on Imbolc, the Day of Bride (Brigit).  In Lithuania, this is the “Day of Serpents” when “serpents come from the forest to the house.” On that day, people would shake the apple trees in the orchard so that they would be more fruitful…

snake pic here

The snake is a transfunctional symbol: it permeates all themes of Old European symbolism. Its vital influence was felt not only in life creation, but also in fertility and increase, and particularly in the regeneration of dying life energy. Combined with magic plants, the snake’s powers were potent in healing and creating life anew.

The awakening of the snakes meant the awakening of all nature, the beginning of the life of the new year. The significance of the beginning is a predestination: the success of the entire year depends on how it starts.”*

This is we link Hera with Divination and the power of rituals, just as the Goddess Hathor is linked to the Priestess of Wands in the Motherpeace Tarot. She is a “font of life-force energy and inspiration” as she “radiates the heat that heals” and “channels untamed instincts into magical work…” Her wand or staff has lines and markings that are connected with fertility and divining the depth of things from the underworld.

Since Hera is also a goddess of fertility, it is fitting that she is associated with apple blossoms and apple trees. From the fruit of the apple come many phytochemicals that heal the body and the mind. To name a few, apples contain antioxidants,  anti-inflammatories, antibacterials, and immunostimulants.

Just as the Goddess Holla regenerates nature, so does Hera, who shares the Dove as her symbol of peace and fertility. Both these goddesses also share the attribute of “the apple as symbol of life.”

Activities To Honour Hera:

Bring a sprig of an apple branch indoors in January and watch it open and blossom, offering you the promise of spring.

Create a collage, drawing, painting or sculpture of a snake as it emerges from its underground hibernation. Feel the regenerative powers this image embodies.

I chose to do a digital collage of a snake on a tree branch and the apple blossoms in the background.

Goddess Study Prompts & Correspondences

Use the following correspondences and word stems to write your own Journal Study on Hera and the Winter Solstice, and how you celebrate Yule.

Goddess Hera Correspondences (only a few included here):

Her Tree: Apple; the fruit of well-being par excellence
Her Gemstone: Moonstone; from which emanate pulses of deep emotional healing.
Her Energy Access: Divination; Tarot, Dreams & Active Imagination
Her Tarot Card: The Star
Her Archetype: The Seer or Oracle

For Hera’s Month of January Study Prompts, from my Hera Synergy Book of Days:

1) protectress
4) snakes
6) beginnings
10) ruler of the air
22) sanctuary
27) restore
30) offerings


I hope that you have gleaned some meaningful tidbits from this Goddess Study of Hera this month.

Did you find that this Goddess Study was helpful in any way with your practice of Feminine Spirituality? If you wish, leave me a comment and I will respond as soon as I can.

Or, if you wish to keep your communication private, please contact me via the form on the right sidebar of this page. I would love to hear from you!

Hera’s January Blessings for all your New Awakenings!




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Goddess Gaia for December

13 Goddesses Grove Presents

Goddess Gaia

Merry Yule & Happy Solstice!

Each month Dream Goddess brings you one Pre-Hellenic Goddess to connect and commune with, and whose herstory and correspondences we will study. This page will stay online for one whole month until the earth turns and the next month arrives, at which time a new Goddess will appear for our connection and study.

With Gaia for the month of December, we celebrate Yule, or the Winter Solstice, on the shortest day of the year. This year the Winter Solstice falls, in local time here in New Brunswick, Canada, on December 21 at 6:44 am, Atlantic Standard Time. For your specific geographical time adjustment, go to http://www.timeanddate.com and type in your city.

What better occasion than in winter to include the Goddess Gaia with those festivities that celebrate the turning of the planet, the renewal of light as days get longer and nights are shorter. As we near again the seasons of sowing, growth and sustenance, we honour the Goddess who makes it all possible and it is She, also, who brings us the Light of Life.

Who Is Goddess Gaia?

“Gaia (also called Ge) is the ancient Earth-Mother who brought forth the world and the human race from ‘the gaping void, Chaos.’”~ Charlene Spretnak, Lost Goddesses of Early Greece, p.45

Not only is she Pre-Hellenic, Gaia is actually primordial, “existing at the beginning of time.”

Gaea is described as “Earth”, according to the Goddesses of the World with the keywords: Primordial Being; Creator of Life; Supreme Being; Family and Tribes.

“‘Earth.’ She is believed to have emerged from Chaos. A supreme power, she created everything – the universe, deities, and humans; an “all-producing and all-nourishing” goddess. She may have been an earlier Phoenician goddess whom the Greeks took as their own.”

Martha Ann & Dorothy Myers Imel, Goddesses In World Mythology

Gaia’s attributes are many and far-reaching for she has such a deep and all-encompassing influence on our lives. How can we incorporate her qualities and honour her natures as our own? For Gaia, like all Goddesses, like all beings and invisibles in the universe, contains all characteristics of her creation: she is Nature and thus she embodies the essences of birth and death alike, growth and senescence, positive and negative, and cause and effect, or consequence. She too is part of the cosmic universal plan that lives out its dynamic drama all around us, under us and above us every day. She is the plan itself.

With Gaia as the Goddess for the month of December, we celebrate Yule and the Winter Solstice in the same month and the same day with her in our ritual. To find out when the Solstice happens this year, go to http://www.timeanddate.com.

Winter Solstice Ritual & Yule Celebration

 Preparing For The Ritual

This ceremony may be celebrated at any time of the day or night, and may have just one person present, or a group of people.

Your ritual for Yule can go any way you desire. If you are used to opening a circle before the ceremony, then do so. If you don’t create a circle already, then it’s not necessary to do so, either. You can have elements, or you don’t need to. What I’m proposing here is a simple Yule/Winter Solstice Ritual that celebrates GAIA as the Goddess of the month of December. You may adapt this ritual in any way that suits you, to fit into your customs and beliefs.

The following is a suggested process that I have adapted from being inspired by Goddess Gaia and her generous bounty of gifts that are all around us, and how she brings us the light in her life-sustaining turning of the seasons. May you be as inspired to add your individual and intuitive complements to this ritual!

The four parts of the Ritual are  1) Grounding, 2) Invocation, 3) Reading, 4) Meditation and the Closing of the Ritual

What You Will Need for The Yule Ritual

A suggested list of 13 items and Sacred Objects to include on your altar or flat table assigned for the Yule ritual purpose:

1) The Central Feminine Figure: a Goddess statue, figurine or portrait that represents Earth in some way, either surrounded, or represented by plants, spirals, animals or the elements.

2) A dark cloth of green, brown, gold or purple hue.

3) One candle for Gaia, brown or golden in colour. Brown is for the earthy essence of her soil that gives and nurtures life, and gold is for the precious values that she gives to us all.

4) A Smudging Kit: a smudge stick such as Palo Santo, White Sage, or other herb that you are familiar with; a holding bowl such as an Abalone shell or other shallow vessel to hold the smoking stick; a feather or a wand with feathers to fan the smoke in different directions.

5) A cauldron or some type of vessel or container made from a natural material: clay, metal, glass, wood, ceramics, etc.

6) A depiction in art or sculpture that represents the sun, such as a golden plate, a photo of a sunrise, or a yellow circle painted on a canvas or cardboard.

7) A small evergreen wreath made from Cedar, Fir or Pine, or their bare branches, preferably one that you’ve made yourself, but not absolutely necessary. You may substitute with an evergreen branch of any coniferous tree.

8) Include other natural objects such as pine cones, a spray of red berries, cinnamon sticks, seeds, and/or dried leaves or flowers. All these once-alive items symbolise the senescence of winter months and show us that, even with the bleak, seemingly lifeless landscape, life renews itself through earth’s seeds to grow the next generation in the spring.

9) & 10) For Gaia’s “bones,” have at hand one or both of these gemstones or crystals: 1) Amethyst, especially the raw crystals as they are still attached to their mother matrix, or tumbled Amethyst crystals, and 2) Green Aventurine, in whatever form is available for you.

11) A cup, goblet or small bowl from which you will take a drink in Part 2 of the ritual. A small amount of either distilled or spring water.

12) A piece of paper on which is written the Invocation “To You I Come” to be read in Part 2, Invocation:

“To You I Come”


I am blessed in your Goddess energy of abundance
You are the “Ground of All being”
the Field of boundless Energy that surrounds us

You are the atmosphere, the cosmos, the land, the trees, the water, the sky
You are the water, cells, tissues and organs in our bodies
The neurons in our nervous system
The blood in our veins

You are Gaia, Great Goddess of the World
To you I come for sustenance, spiritual nourishment, guidance, grounding in your life-force energy, and intuitive knowledge
You never say no, you always say yes
I am humbled at your bounty and generosity, Goddess of All

I come to you, here in trust that your shift will occur, that your season will change and Light will return to our land this Solstice Blessing Day

Pour your blessings over us all, that we may prosper and grow as your children have done for centuries
They our ancestors, taught us of your cycles, and today we follow the same rhythms they did for thousands of years
Bless us as you’ve blessed them
We honour you as you have been honoured by them for centuries

Goddess Gaia, Mother of all Nature
We love and honour you this Winter Solstice season
May the sun rise to shine in your beauty
May the days get longer in your honour

So may it be!
© Raymonde Savoie

And lastly, # 13) A piece of paper on which is written or printed the following excerpt “The Goddess Gaia IS The Light” from The Language of the Goddess by Marija Gimbutas, to be read during Part 3: Reading.

“The Goddess Gaia IS The Light”

In ancient times the sun was called into regenerative splendour at the Winter Solstice by invocation to the Great Goddess, Mother Earth, who is the Mother of All Life. To illustrate this salient point, I quote Marija Gimbutas, from her book The Language of the Goddess:

“ ‘Divine Goddess Mother Nature, who generatest all things and bringest forth ever anew the sun which thou hast given to the nations; Guardian of sky and sea and of all Gods and powers; through thy influence all nature is hushed and sinks to sleep… 

Again, when it pleases thee, thou sendest forth the glad daylight and nurturest life with thine eternal surety… Thou indeed art rightly named Great Mother of the Gods… ‘

This prayer embodies a memory of a once omnipotent goddess who had the power to regenerate the sun… She is ‘The Mother of All Life’ and ‘The Great Healer.’ “

From Susan Griffin, in her book Woman and Nature:

“I know I am made from this earth, as my mother’s hands were made from this earth, as her dreams were made from this earth and all I know, I know in this earth, the body of the bird, this pen, this paper, these hands, this tongue speaking, all that I know speaks to me through this earth and I long to tell you, you who are earth too, and listen as we speak to each other of what we know: the light is in us.”

Blessings! All Goddesses are the One Great Goddess.

Performing The Ritual

Now you are ready to perform your Yule/Winter Solstice Ritual using the above tools from Mother Nature herself. I wish you a happy Yuletide time and festivities. When it is all in place, proceed with this suggested ritual process.

Part 1: Grounding With Gaia

Light your candle.  Make sure you will not be disturbed for at least 30 minutes to an hour.  Stand or sit in front of your altar and take a few moments to ground yourself.  As Carol P. Christ says in her book, Rebirth of the Goddess, “We could not live, we would not be, without our grounding in the earth.

In other words, there is no other grounding but that from which we receive from Gaia.

Realise your deep connection with Gaia by planting your feet firmly on the ground, taking three long deep breaths. Imagine the Earth’s energy as a flow or a wave emanating from her centre, coursing upwards, through the mantle, the soil, the building in which you live, and right up through your feet to the top of your head. Now see this energy as a particle separating itself into multiple same particles that go to every organ, every tissue, and every cell of your body. You are now grounded in Gaia’s energy system.

It’s time to light your smudging stick. Once lit and the flame blown out, pick up the smudging stick, bowl and feather. Do a complete circle around your own body and all the table’s contents in order to continue with the ritual.  Your thoughts are calm and neutral as you seek only to clear the atmosphere and the energy fields in your environment. Next comes the grounding with the gemstones.

The Amethyst and the Aventurine are themselves grounding and cleansing stones. One at a time, allow them to transfer their groundedness from the Earth to you.

Take Amethyst in your hands and allow its healing, protective and intuition-generating energy fill your whole body. From the depths of Mother Earth, Amethyst deepens your connection to Goddess Gaia and all her inhabitants as a manifesting crystal.  Think upon where it comes from to reach you this day. Thank Gaia for her geological magic that made Amethyst possible.

Next, take the Green Aventurine, with its innate ability to shake loose and release all the negative blockages held in by your bodymind, and contemplate what it is that you wish to cleanse away from yourself at this time.  It is known to help with the emotions by sloughing away unresolved issue remnants and integrating them into your conscious mind, where they become benign memories instead of nightmares.

The Grounding accomplished, it’s time for the Invocation.

Part 2: The Invocation

Read “To You I Come”

Part 3: The Reading

Read “The Goddess Gaia IS The Light”

After the Invocation and the Reading, take the water and pour some into your goblet. As you drink it, know that you are receiving sustenance from the Life Force and the Light of the Universe herself.

Part 4: Meditation

Amethyst & Aventurine Messages

Look into the purple depths of Amethyst once again and meditate on its translucent message from within. What is it that Gaia wants you to know, to realise, or to dream into being? What do you wish would manifest for yourself in this month, the coming month, the coming year? As the light from the sun reflects back at you from Amethyst and Aventurine, connect with the source of life and know that she provides sustenance for you, that she energises you with her Life-Force. If you have any requests or queries, it is good to speak these at this time.

The Closing of the Ritual – Smudging and personal prayer of gratitude to Goddess Gaia

Bring yourself back into mundane space by repeating the grounding as at the beginning of the ritual.  You may do another smudging to close the ceremony.

Lastly, give thanks to Gaia and All Goddesses for your well-being and daily sustenance, for our planet and the immense miracle that is our human consciousness. She is at the ready always to grant you her generous blessings.


Goddess Study Prompts & Correspondences

For further study, if you wish to bring your mediation to your journal, here is an inspirational prompt and correspondences that might be useful in your devotions or spiritual practice with Gaia this month.

How does Goddess Gaia inspire you with her attribute of being The Light that rises, not only as the Earth in us (Griffin) but of the whole world when the Solstice arrives and she turns to face the sun ever closer once more?

Use the following correspondences and word stems to write your own essay on Gaia and the Winter Solstice, and how you celebrate Yule.

Goddess Gaia Correspondences (only a few included here)

Her Tree: Quaking Aspen
Her Gemstone: Amethyst
Her Energy Access: Connection
Her Tarot Card: The World
Her Archetype: The Collective Unconscious

For Gaia’s Month of December, from my Gaia Synergy Book of Days

1) Self-Sufficiency
3) Focus
7) Serenity
8) Regeneration
9) Grounding
13) Active Imagination
21) Nature
25) Stones & Bones
30) Light
31) Divination


I hope that you have gleaned some meaningful tidbits from this Goddess Study of Gaia this month and the Ritual for Yule/Winter Solstice.

Did you find that this Goddess Study and Ritual was helpful in any way with your practice of Feminine Spirituality?

If you wish, leave me a comment and I will respond as soon as I can.

Or, if you wish to keep your communication private, please contact me via the form on the right sidebar of the main page of my website, here: Dream Goddess Portal

Gaia is Light!  Many Blessings of Yule!


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Hekate Speaks in November

Hekate Speaks in the Silence of November

Spend time with Hekate this month, around the time of the new moon. From her darkness gather yourself some meaning stones, sticks of tree bones, ribbons of black velvet and make a wreath to honour her presence in your magical life.

We celebrate November with Hekate. From the coldness that surrounds us, we get the message to get indoors, stay warm, and survive for just a few more months. Snow is on the way and bare trees greet us in the garden. The frozen ground reminds us of Nature’s adaptations, how she shields herself in the cold months. We must do the same.

The birds that migrate are all gone now, including the Canada Geese that fly south to warmer climes. Only the strong residents of the deep woods remain to brave the winter as we do: Black-capped Chickadees, Blue Jays, Rose-breasted Grosbeaks, and other tough natives. It’s not time to nest; it’s time to survive.

But we, on the other hand, need to prepare our winter nests. We need to gather our ‘stones and bones’ together to see what messages they have for us as winter storms rage outside our homes. Hekate will help with that. She is the one who reminds us to honour who and what came before, the past and her lessons, our ancestors and what they left us, what we carry in our blood and memories that make us who we are. We make fires to warm the hearth/heart and we go into the silence to listen … and maybe transform? Fires can be poetry, art-making, journaling, painting, drawing, weaving, writing, dancing, walking, leading yourself into the void in order to see the light there.

Listen to your dreams at this time and discover what the Goddess Crone Hekate wishes to tell you. Is there a new path for you to follow, an old love/mindset to let go, or simply an invitation to create your life as you want/wish it to be?

Make A Wreath for Hekate

Honour the senescence and decline of the season into a more introspective time. Go with this flow of the Crone’s time, she who invites us into her dark chamber lit only with a candle burning bright. Give her your time and energy by making a wreath for her.

Willow, Rose hips, Balsam Fir boughs and White Arborvitae Cedar
Include a branch of Oak and a sprig of Mugwort
Some twigs from the Maple and the Ash
all are welcome to fashion the circle of the rounded life
for Hekate, the Crone of the underworld

In anticipation of the coming Winter Solstice time when Gaia is celebrated, place some reminders on your altar. Shining bright images of vibrant landscapes, leafed-out trees and fiery stars. Have a ritual to celebrate the Crone’s visit … and say these words…

She shapes us with bare earth and twigs from the trees
Inviting us to look deep within where it hurts
Where feelings change, constantly in a state of flux
Not here nor there, not now nor then
In a state of anticipation
Like the 7 Wands in Motherpeace Tarot
Waiting but not moving, forcing us to stay
In patience with not one thing happening

In the dregs of the questions with
No answer in sight or feeling
Weaving the willow, we twine our
Hearts together with her fine bony fingers
We listen to her harsh reality words
That clothe us in disdain, sorrow, loneliness
She sheds on us her furs of raw courage
It is as things ought to be

She drones along, dragging the firewood behind her
In the dead forest of crawling leaf litter
Only the evergreen boughs dare touch
Her forehead, her arms of bony growth
They have a protection around their aura
And don’t feel her coldness of death
Because they are all asleep and dormant
Waiting as we do for the light to return
To the forest, to the earth, to the sky

We like babes in the woods follow behind
Lagging as it were, in our innocent hope
For better days and nights to come
But she only looks to her cauldron
Stirring us into a calm state
To share what we know now
And what we knew then
What stands in between
Until the next Light of Solstice
Pierces the dark night of our soul
Be still my child and remember that I am with you

Hekate Correspondences

Her Attribute is the Unconscious Link between Obsidian and Transformation. Her totem animal is the spider and her sacred object is the cauldron. Revel in her time for she is there to help you become more, transform more, change more … into the person you are meant to be. She is, after all, the Goddess of Transformation.


Raymonde Savoie

All images/words are copyright and cannot be copied or used in any way without my permission. Thank you for honouring my right to my creative work.


Goddess Artemis and the Moon Tree

Greetings of the Autumn/Spring Equinox!

This month we explore the world of Artemis, the Goddess of the moon, all wild places, and healing the wild self within. Artemis is the first of three Goddesses who rule the Autumn time. For October, Athena steps in then it’s Hekate’s turn in November.

She melds spirit and body/soma, uniting the two under the light seeds of the full moon…That is her, and our, Wild Nature.

 “Artemis is the Goddess of Untamed Nature”…


Goddess Artemis and The Moon Tree

“In Olympian mythology Artemis is made the sister of Apollo and the daughter of Zeus.” – Spretnak

But that is not who she was in Pre-Hellenic times. Artemis is the Goddess of high tides and fullness of Nature. In September the harvest is at its peak and the fields are ripe with grain and fruit. She walks at the night of the full moon blessing all the crops and forest bounty, resplendent in all her divine beauty. She communes with the moon and all woodland creatures when the sacred crescent appears on the horizon and fills the forest with her pale golden glow. The dance ensues every night until the night of the full moon, when everyone participates in a special ceremony. From Lost Goddesses of Early Greece, Charlene Spretnak speaks the myth of Artemis:

“They encircled a large tree that stood apart from all the others, its smooth bark and leaves seeming silver in the moonlight. Artemis moved toward the tree and silence followed, but for Her doves cooing softly in the boughs overhead. The Goddess crouched as the Great She-Bear She once had been and touched the earth. From the roots, up the trunk, along the branches to the leaves She drew her hands… With each pass She brought forth new life: pale blossoms unfolding and falling away, tiny globes of fruit shining among the branches, and finally ripe, glowing fruit hanging from the sacred boughs.”

This was the Moon Tree… Another ground-breaking book on Goddess is The Great Cosmic Mother by Monica Sjoo and Barbara Mor. In it, we read more detail about the moon tree: “Soma is distilled from the primordial waters, and is the dark fruit of the moon tree… Moon is the magical powers, the mind, manas, inspiration, and ecstatic trance… The moon tree is the place of generation, the place of the dead, the place of regeneration, the spine. Spirit is the fruit (daughter/son) of the maternal tree… Within the Goddess, everything is real. Spirit and matter are equally potent forces, and their intertwining action is constantly magic, constantly real.”

In these and past patriarchal times, traditional male religion has taught us that spirit and soma are not bonded but separate and at odds against each other, i.e., ‘spirit warring against the flesh.’ But, as Sjoo and Mor clearly prove, this is not true in Goddess spirituality.

“Spirit, in matriarchal religion, does not negate its bond with the Mother. It is generated out of the living process in time and space: She creates, dissolves, and transforms herself as she goes. Spirit and matter spiraling together are both herself and equally real. And this is the spiritual reality of evolution, in which matter creates itself into consciousness, as spirit-consciousness has created itself into mater.”  

How does this apply to us as women today? In September every herbalist is busy harvesting, drying and otherwise preserving her wild and cultivated herbs for future healing purposes. The fields are ripe with grain, the gardens resplendent with vegetables and fruits ready to bursting with abundant nutrition.  This is the bounty of the earth’s fruits, blessed by the full moon, blessed by Artemis dancing in her silver rays. Even if you don’t actively cultivate herbs or your own food, you can still become part of this universal spiritual harvest whenever you look up at the full moon, honour the autumn/spring equinox, or make a ritual at any time this month.

This painting honours Great Goddess in her role as Moon Mother, as Artemis the Wild One. …

Now is the time for a reconnaissance, a retreat from the busyness of life in order to take stock of the summer’s results. A time for reaping what was sown in the spring with introspective wisdom. A time to ensure that the spiritual aspects of our lives are still in intimate communion with the soma, or the physical aspects. What better way to do this than to bathe in moonlight and enliven once again this bond between earth, our female bodies, the Mother, and the moon, our mindful spirit of life?

Activities To Honour Artemis:

Make a smoke (smudging) stick from one or more Artemisia species: Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris), White or West Sage (Artemisia ludoviciana), Woman Tree (Artemisia abrotanum), Silver Brocade Artemisia (Artemisia stellariana). All are very fragrant but you can add some Sweet Grass (Hierochloe odoratum) or Sweet Fern (Comptonia peregrina) for a sweeter, very fragrant smudge. Use it whenever you feel the need to be near your Moon Power and Artemis.

Go under the full moon and dance if you can, in a private place …

Create a collage, drawing, painting or sculpture of your connection to Goddess Artemis and how she inspires you to embrace both your soma and spirit in beautiful harmony.

Take sprigs of any Artemisia plant and place them in a bowl of water. On a night when the moon is visible, bring the bowl outside and raise it to the moon’s rays. Your boughs will be infused with moon energy and you can use them to bring you strength, power and union with Artemis. Just invoke her under the moon… then sing her praises…

Sacred Goddess Poetry

While searching on Witchvox.com for some information on the celebration of Mabon, or the fall equinox, I came upon this article written by Frances   from Adelaide, Australia. The name of the article is “Modern Moon Worship” and it’s a beautiful description of a Moon Ritual. The author eloquently shares with us her poetic invocation to Mother. I have acquired permission from her to share it with you here. Enjoy…

“I am the ancient Mother who watches over you
I have been worshipped since human kind first gazed upwards
My temples reside only within your heart
That is where I can always be found
Call to me – I will come
Pray to me – I will hear
Ask of me – I will always provide
My messages arrive on the gentle wings of a butterfly
For I am the soft breeze on your face
You see me in the first spring flower and the last harvested fruit
I am the weed in the sidewalk
And I am the tornado that shakes your world.
Call to me when you are wearing
For I will be your strength.
Think of me when you feel alone
For I always walk beside you.
You are my sacred child – free yourself and come to me.”

Author: Frances Billinghurst of TDM, http://www.templedarkmoon.com

The article on Witchvox:

Thank you, Frances, for sharing your Goddess Moon inspiration with us.

Goddess Study Prompts & Correspondences

Use the following correspondences and sentence stems to write your own Journal Study on Artemis and the Autumn/Spring Equinox, and how you celebrate this seasonal transition time.

Goddess Artemis Correspondences (only a few included here):

Her Tree: Oak, for strength and longevity
Her Gemstone: Amazonite, the silver green glow of moonlight
Her Energy Access: Healing the Wild Self Within, Artemisia Wild Herb
Her Tarot Card: Strength
Her Archetype: Moon Goddess

With Artemis this month, I can start believing in…

I will celebrate the discovery of my wild nature by starting…

I will celebrate the discovery of my wild nature by stopping…

In accordance with meeting Artemis this month, I wish to do these activities to establish a stronger connection with her because…

For Artemis’ Month of September Study Prompts, from my Artemis Synergy Book of Days:

1) birthing anew
4) forest dancing
6) moon phases, crescent
10) ruler of blue fire
22) animals as helpers
27) babies and new life
30) soma and spirit together


I hope that you have gleaned some meaningful tidbits from this Goddess Study of Artemis this month. May your September be blessed with much close contact with the Moon, the Earth, and Goddess Spirituality!

Did you find that this Goddess Study was helpful in any way with your practice of Feminine Spirituality? If you wish, leave me a comment and I will respond as soon as I can.

Or, if you wish to keep your communication private, please contact me via the form on the right sidebar of this page. I would love to hear from you!

Blessings for all your wild new adventures!


PS: I will make a separate post for the wild herb Artemisia and the multiple ways we can use it to honour Artemis.


Spretnak, Charlene, Lost Goddesses of Early Greece, A Collection of Pre-Hellenic Myths, Beacon Press, Boston, 1992

Sjoo, Monica, and Mor, Barbara, The Great Cosmic Mother: Rediscovering the Religion of the Earth, Harper & Row, San Francisco, 1987




Welcome to The 13 Goddesses Study Journey!

Come with me on a journey to explore the myths, symbols, images and imaginations that thirteen pre-Hellenic Goddesses inspire in us today. Why PRE-HELLENIC? Because it’s important to know who the original Goddesses were before patriarchy usurped Her temples and Her power for its own religious agenda.

This yearlong program of study is for all women who want a Feminine Spirituality study system that involves communing with Goddess, owning our woman power, making rituals and working with our creative nature to enhance our feminine paths to wholeness.

Each month we study a different Goddess, the herstory behind her myth, her correspondences, and the healing possibilities she brings to our lives.

The program involves journaling, recording and understanding our dreams, as well as other means to access the realm of the Feminine Goddess Spirituality.

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